Using my headcold as an excuse: Watch out writing, here I come!

I’ve got the phlegm.  I believe my kids gave it to me.  It’s not enough that I’d normally stay home, but I decided to give in to the inevitable and stay home to write, complete some research, and get a handle on my health – all at the same time.  That is multi-tasking at it’s finest!  Now if I could get my car repaired at the same time?  That’d be the best!

I’m prepping in a few to finish up some serious writing, with a bit of a review on the sources.  To be honest, this current draft of the paper is really light and I’ve only done the most basic work on it.  I was drawn into the research so much that resurfacing to write was a serious challenge.  When I did, though, I found that some of it came back quickly and some, not so much. 

It’s been years since I wrote academic papers…  Finding that zone can be difficult.  It’s work.  It takes a lot to maintain objectivity, to hold your “academic” voice, long enough to ensure that the research is represented properly.  I will likley look back on this first effort in my new graduate career and wince, when I’ve moved closer to the end of this experience.  For now though, I’ll do my best. 

On a light note, I love this laptop.  I’m not the fastest typist on the planet, but I’m no slouch either.  The keyboard is comfortable and I’m able to move at a pretty good clip.  I imagine that gradually I’ll get faster as time goes by. 

Crap.  I’ve got the news on and it has to go.  I keep getting distracted and I really need to stop.  Actually, it’s time to shut this down and get to finishing up my part of the paper.  I’d like to have something posted for my group before noon.  Given the time and effort I gave it yesterday, that might be about realistic for me.  I seem to be moving much slower. 

Well.  Here it is, Monday.  Bren is at school…. Aidan is at gramma’s.  Todd is asleep and the dog is relaxing on the wood floor next to me.  It’s time for the tv to go off.  The restaurant that Todd and I have celebrated many a summer anniversary of our first date just burned down this morning.  I’m trying not to think about it too hard.  It makes me sad.  On that note, though, Friday is our 10th wedding anniversary.

Double crap – there is a special announcement from the President on the situation with the financial markets.  Got to listen…. back shortly….

Ok.  That was bad.  A couple of sentences on the economy, then it was back to his comments about his meeting with the President of Ghana.  I certainly agree that it’s important to address the normal business of the presidency, but to give it just a couple of sentences?

There are people who are very worried.  I know that we have to go through this…  I understand that this is a part of the business cycle.  What I wonder is what the longer term effects are going to be for us.  I once read that all societies go through a rise and fall…  I always thought that was something that took time.

Now they’re talking about AIG.  Todd and I have life insurance with them….  interesting.  Luckily, it’s just life insurance, not accounts that we are dependent on.

As a “little guy” I’m watching all of this with a kind of fascinated curiosity.  Todd and I are employed.  We are both getting education that will help us with future employment.  We have resources and we have ways to cut things down, should it be necessary.  I’m not worried about our immediate picture.  I woudn’t want it to sound that way…  What I find myself concerned about is a bigger, more hazy view of the country and where we are headed.  I think we are going to be in a state of turmoil for a while.  This is my intuitive response to what is happening.

ooh… now they’re talking about The Compact.  I’m going to check it out and will report back later…

going now.  Got work to do…  moonfire.


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