Quick before I’m back to writing… and writing… and reading

I messed up when I booked my flights to PDX for this weekend and now I’ll be coming home Saturday night.  I hate it when I do something that so seriously wrecks the overall big picture.  I know, I just need to roll with it.  I suppose if I did something that stupid, there must have been a bigger hand in the picture… a reason it all happened this way.  At least, that’s my hope.

I just got home from getting finger-printed for my new job.  Strange feeling, that is.  I know that the background check will come back fine.  I’ve never been in trouble… well, not that kind and certainly anything in the last 15 years.  I guess I’ve become quite boring.

It’s a hot day out and I’m feeling glad that I’m in here, working on things and staying out of the sunshine.  It’s just a teensy bit too hot for the fact that it’s the middle of September.

Well, that’s my update.  I’m tired, but satisfied with the way things are going.  I feel like I’m making some progression.  My other paper may suffer for this, but at least I’m doing a good job for the group as a whole.  The rest of it will just have to come together however it does.  I can’t stress over it…

Cheers from the slightly insane former Canadian known as moonfire.


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