Writing and French Toast

I’ve had slightly less than 6 hours of sleep.  I got into the “study zone” last night and cranked through 4 hours of reading and discussion posts.  Aidan had me up at 6:30 this morning and I’ve done some posting already, along with review of a last article that I’ve decided to dump because it doesn’t add much to my research.

Then Bren got up and I got his account for the 1st grade software set up, all while making french toast for us.

Now, on the topic of french toast, this was the best french toast I’ve ever made.  Oooh, it was yummy.

So here’s what I put into it:

3 whole eggs
1/3 cup whole milk
3 spoons of Splenda brown sugar mix
1/2 tsp Nutmeg
1 1/2 tsp Cinnamon

and I used Oroweat Double Fiber bread (6 grams of fiber per slice of 70 cal bread, these kids are going to be really “regular” today!)…

The bread was on the tail end of good – slightly dried out, but not completely stale.  It worked beautifully, although it was trying to fall apart.

The result was good with or without syrup, although Bren HAD to have syrup.  The baby liked it either way and I think he actually ate more than his brother.

Yes.  It was fattening.  Yes, it had sugar.  But YES, it tasted fantastic.  So here’s my lead in to my next story –

I had a panic attack at the grocery store yesterday.  Everywhere I looked, I saw chemicals and additives in our food supply.  Last night I had to deal with acne – ON MY 5 YEAR OLD’S FACE.  I’ve read all the literature and it says it’s not due to foods (although that can irritate it) or dirt on the skin… He’s just unfortunate enough to have inherited it from mom & dad.  What was really awful was reading that it can happen as early as 9… um, he’s just under SIX!

So I’m boosting his water intake.  I’m using a mild cleanser twice a day, plus the usual warm washcloth washng after eating.

Here’s the weird thing about him…  When he was born, before his due date, he looked like a post-dates baby.  He got his teeth early and fast.  He is advanced intellectually, but not massively.  At 3 I noticed he had a little mustache, mostly thanks to his darker hair.  His 6 year molars came in when he turned 5.  He’s tall for his age.  Now the kid has acne.

I read online last night about kids who are developing earlier.

I think about the rise in auto-immune disease in young women now and how scientists and doctors believe it’s linked to our food.

I wonder how much all of this is related.

Have you ever tried to avoid chemicals in your food?  Have you tried to do it recently, without it doubling your family’s food budget?

Before I completely tweak myself out, I’m going to go do my writing and get my upload down for my 801 group.  Then I’m going to tweak the PP and add my stuff.

I need to learn how to write an abstract today, keep the kids out of trouble, condense my readings into a workable 513 paper, and have I mentioned keeping the kids out of trouble?

so bye for now.  It’s going to be a busy couple of days.  That’s what I get for missing the point on a couple things.  I need to get back into school mode.  I thought I was there, but obviously I’m not.  I have to do better.  I can’t let myself down.

cheers from a very busy moonfire (with a small monkey-butt clinging to me while he enjoys a lovely bottle of whole milk)


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