Upset mom over kids losing hot lunch

As a mom to a little guy, I have read this story a couple of times and each time it makes me cry.  (I keep telling myself, it’s just hormones or something… fatigue, stress… bladder too close to my eyeballs…)  I can’t help but imagine it happening to my son.  He’d be the child in the story, crying, and that just kills me.  So I wrote an email to myself to deposit more funds on his lunch account next week, even though I know he’s fine right now.  It doesn’t change the fact that I’m sure this happens at other schools… what a thought.  And yes, I know, schools can’t afford to provide free lunches.  Our little school here already provides free breakfast to the kids…

I was talking to a woman at work who’s kids are grown now and she says it happened to her son when he was little.  She said she always paid and had forgotten to keep up with it…

Now I’m paranoid.  Bren would be a wreck if it happened to him.

And I keep wondering about those other families out there…  I know some probably just push it with the system, thinking maybe they’ll deal with it when it turns into a problem, but I wonder about the families like us that don’t qualify for reduced lunch, but are right on the edge…  We just happen to be lucky.  We’ve got financial aid to help us out right now and some day, after his degree, Todd will be earning a good income.  With the impending two jobs, we’ll be almost (note, I say almost) in the black each month and not totally reliant on financial aid.  I’m hoping to keep progressing upward at work.  And, worst case, if things were really bad we could get Todd to take on full-time employment and do school part-time.  But that is an absolute worst-case scenario.

If anything, this article reinforced that I made the right choice in taking a second job.  No matter how you shake it down – we need the extra money and I need to be positioned to get the experience that will work in concert with my studies.  I was thinking about the baby yesterday, as I walked into work after I dropped Bren off to school.  The biggest sacrifice that I will have over this next two years is the time that I won’t get with the baby.  So I decided that I will take an extended break after I’m done with my degree, just to be with him, whether it’s a month of just working part-time or something like that.  And after I complete my schooling there will be no working massive hours and no more classes for at least a couple of years.

Aidan and Bren are paying the price now, but I’m not willing to make it last longer than it has to.  And if a chance for a full-time library job comes up in the interim (after I accrue experience and get more classes completed), I will go for it.  That’s my promise to my boys.

Well.  It’s time to begin my day.  We’re having a potluck at work for one of our great staff who is leaving us.  We’re really going to miss him.  There’s some tension left over from yesterday and I wonder how it will go today…  but in the end, it’s a good thing for him and his family that he chose this other option.  I wonder what our department is going to be like in a few weeks, a few months… next June.  We are going through massive change and now that I’ve made my firm commitment to stay, I wonder how we’ll find methods to cope with it.

One final word…  I have a couple rant blogs that are coming down the pipe.  They are both about business experiences that Todd and I have been through.  I’m still wound up and mad from yesterday, so just wanted to give folks a heads’ up.  I feel like I have to write these two upcoing blogs because I NEED to have a voice about what we experienced.

But that will be for another time and perhaps even another day.  Right now it’s Friday morning.  I need to get my butt moving, get showered, and have Todd take me to the store before work so I can take in the fixings for something really wicked.  I’m doing “heart attack” in a crockpot – or, as it is more commonly known, chili and cheese with tortilla chips.  I’m also going to pick up some sparkling concord grape so we can have a little toast to our friend leaving.  I really hope that all the remaining staff will cheer him on and not wallow in the tensions that have been going on.

Cheers on a Friday,


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