The usual blathering

I suppose this will be a relatively quick post since I don’t appear to have much to say.  You could call it the “eye of the storm” right now.  Todd has his math test this afternoon and a lot is riding on it.  Weird to say that, but it’s true.  If he does well, he doesn’t have to attend the Friday classes for the rest of the semester, which means he can keep the baby home with him.  It saves us on time AND, most importantly, gas. 

But even beyond those two savings, it will be a reaffirmation for him that all the work and time he spent this summer will have paid off.  He’s really put the time in and I’d like to see that pay off for him. 

Along with that, because I got the library job (yes, I know it’s still pending until the official word comes in but I’m really not worried about my references – I know they’ll be good), Bren can go to all five days of Just For Kids – the before- and after-school program that he loves so much.  Of all the things I could do for him with the extra money, this is the best one. 

Todd is going to call the new landlord, Eric, and set up lease-signing for Friday night.  Todd went nuts last night, packing like a fiend and it looks pretty impressive.  I’m going to help tonight and tomorrow night, but then I’m going to be out of the house on Saturday, studying, writing, and getting ready for everything for the following weekend.  It’ll be another travel weekend with me leaving next Friday the 19th and I need to be ready to go. 

I’ll help more with the packing on Sunday, when I’m home with the kids and Todd’s sleeping.  I’m thinking I should be able to get most of the extraneous stuff in their bedroom boxed up.  I’m also going to go through all cupboards and cabinets, clearing out things that aren’t used on a daily basis.  We’ve done this before, so we’re becoming pro’s at it.  We figure out what is the bare minimum we can get along with and the rest gets packed.  It’s too bad we don’t have a decent driveway, we could get one of those “PODS” and be putting all the boxes in there.  It’s fine though… we’ll just live with the “box forest” as Bren put it.  Although, this time he called it “box bushes.”  I guess they aren’t stacked up high enough yet.

And yes, apparently I have more to say than I thought!

Well… It’s back to work.  This was a nice little break, but I have to get back to setting up my method of tracking the mess that is our multiple budgets.  Wish me luck.  Ok, I change that – wish me energy.  I like doing this, I just need a boost of energy to keep me going.



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