I got it!!!

Pending the completion of my reference check, which is no problem because my 3 references will give me glowing recommendations, I got it.  AND I got an even better schedule than the one I was told about.  I’d be working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday afternoons from 1-5pm and Saturdays from 9am-5pm, with a one hour lunch break.  They are fine about accomodating my school schedule and very enthusiastic about my being in the MLIS program.  I actually got to put some of what I have learned so far into practice and I’ll get even more opportunities working there.

The coolest part is that my current job is so willing to work with me, allowing me to flex my schedule to accomodate this addition to my busy life.  I’ll be home each evening with my boys, something that is ultra-important to me, but I’ll also have time built in for studying.  I’ll be right there, where I can see how it all goes into action.

To top everything off, we won’t have to worry about the babysitter issue.  I can’t begin to say what a relief that is.  Once in a while, we might need assistance, but for the most part we’ll be fine.   And yes, I know that I’ll be crazy busy, but I can survive it. 

So we got the house.  I got the job.  I’ve got the raise and promotion here at the university where I work.  The kids are doing well, even if Bren is home sick today.  Poor guy.  He cried because he didn’t want to miss school.  I don’t blame him.  I wouldn’t want to miss it either.  But he had a low-grade temp that was continuing to rise, even after ibuprofen and cold juice.  He had already told me that he was queasy and his throat hurt.  I don’t need to be sending a sick child to school.  Of course, the bug is probably already roaming freely through his class.  Another little girl was out Monday…

Anyway.  That’s the update.  They are going to call me on Friday to confirm my hiring. 

I’m a grinning woman right now.


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