Oh boy! Moving again…

Yep.  You heard it here first.  Or didn’t, as this is written word not spoke word.  But whatever, anyway.  We’re moving.  It was the kitchen that did us in.  Todd and I are NOT the best housekeepers in the world, but we do love good food and the ability to actually function in a kitchen is high on both our lists of necessities.  The kitchen at our present cutie-pie house is… well, words cannot express it… it’s just down-right awful.  Our landlords are awesome people and we love them both dearly.  Even worse?  They just had their third child, about a month ago.  This timing couldn’t possibly be worse for them.  The problem for us is that we finally got to the point where we couldn’t take it.  It was fine when Aidan was small and could exist on baby food that is essentially pre-digested pap.  But now he needs real people food and frankly, so do we.

There is also the issue of no fenced yard for Bren to play in, meaning that we can’t let him run around outside on his own terms, and then the single bathroom in the family is rapidly becoming an issue with three of us getting ready at the same time in the morning.  Oh yeah!  Don’t let me forget the alarming sensation of icy water that happens during the confluence of a hot shower intersecting Todd’s need to wash his hands in the kitchen.  Gotta love that freak-out scream that I can produce only when streaming ice-water hits me in the head.

But the final straw has simply been our lifestyle and how busy we are with school now.  Bren has homework.  I have reading and writing to do.  Todd is just up to his eyeballs in math, programming, and speech-writing.  Toss in a busy toddler and a rapidly aging dog… well, the whole thing was heading downhill.  We wanted to buy this place, but realistically, that can’t happen for two years, at the minimum, and we need to function as a family until then.

The “talk” happens for me and Todd, making it clear that we have complete consensus between us.  It’s time to find something that will work.  The discussion today centered around how we’d simply look, taking our time to find the right one.  Um.  Yeah.  We found a beautiful townhouse, five minutes from where we live now, that is only 2 years old and gorgeous.  It’s a combination of the beautiful house that we said goodbye to in the SW of town, only it’s here, just minutes from work and school….

To top it all off, the man who owns it is ultra laid back and he pretty much told us it was ours when he said, “So do you want to write me a check to hold it for you?”  Oh HELL yeah.  Check is written, financial plan is made on how to cover the deposit until current landlord gives us this one (and a back up plan to that plan), and we’re filling out the “official” application right now.  I’ll fax it to him from work…  and I might even stop by there tomorrow to get it to him right away.  Nice guy.

We got everything on our necessary list, plus an extra or two.  Oh yeah!  He has large capacity, front-loading washer and dryer in there.  And there is a gas fireplace like the one we had.  And a patio in an Eastern exposure tiny (ie, perfect for us) yard.  And water, sewer, trash and yard maintenance are included in the rent.  And automatic sprinklers… no more walking the damned things all over.  AND there is a little boy the same age as my oldest right next door in the adjoining townhouse.

I’ve already stopped and talked to the neighbors because I wanted to know that it was a nice place to live.  They’re really cool too.

Can you believe this?  Seriously… “Let’s take our time and find the right place.”  I’m not even kidding that we just said that to each other.  The place we’re getting was on the market for two weeks.  It’s renting for $100 less than the exact same places in the neighborhood, plus he’s throwing in the extras as part of the rent.

The kitchen is fantastic!  Walk-in closets…  No more hiking up and down the “stairs of death” to do the laundry.  No more worrying about parking on the street.  NO MORE MOWING!

Yes.  I’m happy.  We got our cake and we get to eat it too.  Close to everything we need (ie, walkable distance to Bren’s school AND his eventual middle school), plus gorgeous new construction with beautiful details and STORAGE SPACE!


…time to go drink some water and finish up the one page application (single-sided no less).  If I had a beer, I’d toast to Eric… the new landlord.

Cheers from a very, very happy moonfire!


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