did I say I feel crappy?

I don’t know what the hell I’ve caught, but I feel beyond crappy and I’m verging on completely shitty.  Excuse the bad language, but if you felt as bad as I do right now, you’d understand.  Here’s the worst part… I don’t feel 100% sick and apparently most of the symptoms just kind of hide out until I need energy the most, then, BAMM! there they are.

This sucks.

Being up, blogging or not, at 1:30 am, really sucks too.

Oh well.

Time for a shower and then I’m heading off with my mum and the boys to find sneakers for Aidan.  I want to have something he’ll actually keep on his feet and I want to take him to run around in the park when the weather cools off.  This may all turn into wishful thinking.  I can’t even keep socks on the child.  Perhaps bare feet in cold rain or snow will convince him of the necessity??

Stubborn child.

Ok.  Tub time for mummy.  I’d love to do something fun with the boys today, but it’s all I can do to stay upright and even that’s a bit unsure.  I feel like I’ve got the flu, only without all the vomiting, etc.  It’s going through our office, and, apparently, our house.

Oh yeah!  The mend show last night rocked.  This is the word I’ve gotten, although I wasn’t able to attend because I needed to look after the kids.  I missed out big time and I didn’t get to meet Dominique, who sounds like a fantastic person.  I’m bummed.

…here I go.  Dragging my saggy butt into the bathroom.  Poor mum, I hope she can deal with wussy daughter.  I just want to be put out of my misery right now.



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