First day!

We’re sitting here, waiting to go over to the school.  I don’t think Bren got to bed early enough, thanks to my flight schedule.  I have to change that or it’s going to turn into a problem.

So much to do and my head is reeling with it.  Things keep flying into my conscious thought…  book next flights, schedule doctor’s appointments, schedule dentist appointments, fill out my planner, find a computer (hand-held or laptop), endless to-do items for work, homework for me, homework for Bren…

Is it any wonder that I’m already tired and the day has barely started?  I’m looking at the pile of bills to pay and sort on my desk and I can feel my energy draining away.

I’ve got Bren pre-occupied, playing at the kitchen table with the Lego kits I brought him from Portland.  His attention is focused on them, so I can take a moment and assess my day.  It’s not just the first day for the school district, it’s also the first day for our university.  We’re expecting it to be insane.  Great… I just yawned.  It’s not even 8am and already I’m yawning.

I guess I need some protein and fiber to get me going.  This means that I need to shut the computer down.  It just feels good, venting out some of this anxiety and the feelings that I’m a bit overwhelmed right now.

Time to eat.  Happy First Day of School!


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