I’m home!

A quick note before bed.  I’m home, with my boys, from my first weekend of grad school.  The challenge now is to fill in all the blanks and become extremely knowledgeable in the areas we’ve been introduced to …  and work on the group project, all before we have our second meeting in September.  Crazy, anyone?

Bren has his first day of school tomorrow.  I don’t know who’s more excited… him or me.  I have no idea what’s happening with his before- and after-school care, so this may be tricky.

I don’t get to see Todd until tomorrow morning.  After being gone for a couple days, I’d really like to see my honey.  Through the miracle of sleeping pills, I was actually able to get good sleep while I was gone.  Sadly, many in my cohort weren’t able to do the same.  I would have been toast without them, so YAY AMBIEN!

I’m headed to bed now.  Tomorrow will be an early day.  Baby boy gets to go off to Gramma’s by himself, while Big Brother takes on the world of crayons and academia.  I bet Big Brother wins.

I missed my boys so much that it was almost a public scene.  Too many kids at the Saturday Farmer’s Market in Portland.  Everywhere I looked, there they were.

Kissing my babies tonight was heaven.

And I learned some great things about life.  Could it be that I finally have found my path as a grown-up?  Miracles do happen…

I also “volunteered” to be treasurer for our student group.  Exciting stuff and good for my resume.  Funny story about it and I’ll report in when I have a few free minutes this next couple of days.

So happy to be home,


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