Quick and then I’m off to a meeting

I get to meet Bren’s kindergarten teacher today.  Todd has to stay home with the kids.  I’m not sure who’s going to have it tougher – me or him.

I’m concerned about how this is all going to happen for Bren.  I’d really like some help from the school in order to determine exactly how best to handle his needs.  If he were on the lower end of the scale, I think I’d feel more comfortable about going to them for intervention.  Maybe not.  I often wonder if parents of children with developmental disabilities go through this same issue of not knowing how to proceed.  I know we certainly had our share of worries and frustration when he was speech-delayed.

I wish I knew what to do in order to ensure he gets what he needs.  I’m not even completely clear at this point on what it is that he needs, because I’m not sure what level he is truly at… and that leaves me lost.

Being a parent is a tough job.

I hope we do ok.

Cheers, moonfire.


2 thoughts on “Quick and then I’m off to a meeting

  1. I hope things went okay with the kindergarten teacher!

    I’ve been at New teacher orientations for the last 5 days (since school starts for us next Monday!). Anyway, I am SUPER impressed by how knowledgable and caring elementary school teachers are.

    Whereas you may be struggling with what do with Brennan (school wise)… the teachers should be a HUGE source of information for you. They watch all students closely for the first couple of weeks of school and then do academic interventions and/or testing based on what they’ve observed.

    If Brennan needs extra help to bring out the areas he’s gifted in and to help in any areas he may need additional assistance, use an IEP or a 504. They both help protect him and his education. They make sure he gets more 1:1 attention.

    Call me if you have any questions.


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