How to end a weekend

As predicted, I didn’t get to sew.  Baby woke up, just 20 minutes after I ended blogging.  I was digging through my pattern stash and found the perfect one – peasant blouse, easy to sew, simple lines and the finished measurements would be perfect.  I was reading through the instructions when he woke up.  Pattern, instructions and envelope all went up on the dining table and that pretty much finished that.  I then had to find him snacks to keep him occupied while I cooked dinner and kept the laundry running.

Now I’m to the end of the weekend, with two kids in bed, but still awake and fighting me every step of the way, and I got nothing done for myself.  No, I did not sew.  I did not read.  I DID visit with a dear friend that I haven’t seen in a long, long while.  Oh.  And I got that fitful nap this afternoon.

Here it is approaching 9pm, my bed time, and I have a clean house (relatively speaking – I DO have two young children, remember) but I don’t have the two tops I wanted.  Ah yes, that’s another bit.  I wanted to get to FM today.  That didn’t happen either.  But the floors are mopped… Did I mention that?

I had hoped to do some projects with Bren today too, but that got shoved aside by other things, not the least of which was the nap.

Honestly, if I had a white flag, I’d be waiving it right now.  Instead, I think I’ll take a hot bath and some anti-inflamatory pain killers.  My feet are killing me and I’m pooped.  And the kids are STILL awake.  Actually, Aidan is crying… for the third time.  Now I’ve pulled Bren out of the room and Aidan will have to work it out on his own.  They’ve been in there for an hour and between the two of them, kept each other awake.

So that pattern is done.  Bren will go to bed 1/2 an hour after Aidan, as planned.

Bren is going to be miserable in school if he doesn’t get at least 10-11 hours of sleep each night.  I feel like I’m fighting this battle and losing.  I also feel like I’m a mean mummy because the poor little guy is in there just wailing.  I’ve tried soothing him… rocking him… playing his night time music.

This sucks.

And tomorrow is Monday.  It just gets better and better.  I need a vacation.  I’d like to go away to a quiet hotel, all by myself, and read.  OH WAIT!  That’s coming in 2 weeks!

This little worrisome refrain keeps rattling through my head… What if I screw up and blow grad school?  All that money down the drain…  No better job at the end of it.  No new career where I’ll be happy until I’m old and gray.

What a long, long weekend.  And now it end like this… me tired, me grumpy and the kids aren’t asleep as they should be.  I guess I’ll go check the laundry and get the next load in.  For the record, I’m down to 3 loads of blankets to be washed.  The rest is clean, just backed up at the dryer because it’s so freaking slow.  The crying is quieter now… He’s running out of steam.  Dude, I can relate.  I’m running out of steam too.

Good night from one seriously exhausted moonfire.


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