This will probably be short

I’ve been up since 6:30 am, since the baby decided that he didn’t want his full night’s sleep.  I got the enormous pile of laundry folded and put away, but that’s just the stuff I’ve been washing & drying this past week.  Now I’m washing and drying the enormous pile for this weekend.  I hope to have it all done before the end of the day so I can focus on sewing tomorrow.  I’ve got floors to mop and dishes to clean.  There is a pot of soup in the fridge that has seen it’s prime days come and go, so I need to get it evacuated and cleaned out.

This doesn’t even touch on reorganizing the boys’ closet or my closet clean-up.  Mum (aka Gramma Donna) and I took Bren out for his school clothes last night.  We did great, but I was blown away at how much it can cost.  Bren’s really tall and skinny, so finding used clothing that fits him is a tough one – it’d take more time (and gas) than either of us have, so we did the new clothes thing and hit the big sales.  I need the adjustable waist pants for him (and I always have to adjust them in by 4 or 5 button holes…. on each side).  Shirts are easier, but I can get those on sale for just a bit more than what I can get them for used.  The really tough one is shoes.

This past spring we had to get him new sneakers because he’d grown out of his old ones.  The ones from March were a size 12 and we knew then that we’d only get a few months out of them.  They were on sale, so I tried not to pout about it.  So the first thing we did last night was go sit in the heinously busy shoe department and get his feet measured.  He’s just a squeak past 13.5, so yes, my 5 year old got size 1 shoes.  To put this into perspective – I wear a size 6 mens.  He’s in a size 1.

I should have known he was going to have giant feet – Todd wears an 11.  That’s enormous!!

I wonder how tall he is now?  (Bren, not Todd… we know Todd’s got a few inches on me…)

Anyway, it was a successful trip and once again I learned that Bren is a size 6 slim.  Regulars are super baggy on him… and size 5s are ridiculously short.  He’s got new sneakers with enough growing room that hopefully he’ll make it through to sandal season next year, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

And here’s why I’m glad I’ve got a boy…  Let’s face it, you can’t buy ONE pair of shoes for a girl.  Girl’s outfits just don’t seem to work that way.  Maybe if you get generic looking sneakers, you can pull it off… but it seems like it just doesn’t work that way.  I know it sure doesn’t for women’s clothes.  Now, I’ll need to get him winter boots if we get snowy or really cold weather, both of which are possible but not a sure thing…  I got him really great winter boots via the web last year but those 13s just aren’t going to work for this year.


And he’s not even a pre-teen or teenager yet.

Todd better get his ass in gear and get that degree done.  Forget saving for retirement!  We need to be able to feed and clothe two future teenage boys.

I’m thinking they need jobs.

Back to cleaning.  Cheers on a Saturday morning… moonfire.


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