No single answer

I’m awake for a bit, as I try to keep the last remnant of this headache at bay.  While I’m awake, I happened to catch another one of those “Pickens Plan” commercials.  Now I know the man has his critics, but I happen to admire what he’s up to.  Why?  Because there is no single “silver bullet” solution to the American (or Western nations as a whole) dependency on oil.  The fact is that it’s going to take a variety of creative solutions and a change from the way we function.  It isn’t going to be about just wind power, or natural gas, or solar, or hydrygen fuel…

Dependency on any single type of energy source is… well, if you depend on one single source for anything, you are completely at the whims of whatever happens to that source.  We know the old adage about putting all your eggs in one basket and folks, we seem to be there with oil.

You can strip away the arguments about the ecological impacts (for those that get all testy about notions of tree-huggery) and look at it in pure terms on finite resources.  There are resources that are continuous… wind and sun.  There are those that have a limited life-span in comparison to the level of usage we are running at now (and that level continues to grow).  We don’t live in isolation here in the US.  The global usage impacts us, whether we like it or not.  So there is no way that we can continue to depend on that resource to be there forever.

Now maybe we can look at it and say “That isn’t my problem, we’ve got enough to meet our needs for now.”  Ok, so yes we’ve got it now.  But that resource won’t last forever and if it seems like long-term thinking to be trying to do something about it now, then just look at your gas and food bill now.  I know that some external pressures have led to the increase (the perception of shortage versus the reality, otherwise why would Exxon have posted record earnings?), but here’s the thing… This is just a taste of what is coming.  Large foreign populations are increasing their consumption.  It’s NOT going to go down.  Yes, we’re curbing some of our demand through changes in our patterns but that is hardly likely to make a dent in the continuing and expanding global demand.

I’ll calm down a bit… but it makes me so damn angry.  We are smart.  We’re a creative and intelligent country.  How can we not see this?  We need jobs, right?  So good… let’s put the money into changing things.  Let’s use our collective brains to figure out the answers, get creative about how to create the infrastructure in this country that will change our patterns so we all benefit.

It’s not about just one type of energy source…  It’s about quilting it all together for highest and best possible results.

I know I’m not the only one out here who sees it.  I just wish we could get those making the big fat CEO paychecks to step up and put their money where their greedy mouths are…  Mr. Pickens may stand to make quite a bit if folks go for his plan, but at least he’s giving it a shot.

One testy mom signing off for today.  That’s the nice thing about standing up on your own personal little soapbox to rant… you can get off and stomp around the little house for a bit too.


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