How a home is like a library; or Accessibility…

My mum is going to laugh over this one.  So, likely, is anyone who knows me and my husband in real life.

I’m reading a book on school cataloging.  For fun.  For my own interest.  (Does anyone still question my true calling in life, because beyond being a mother, I think this one is the second most driving passion for me… what an interesting thought!)

I’m sitting here, feeling really dreadful because our little family over-indulged in a treat after swimming last night.  My eyes are puffy… and I’m awake.  I’m up drinking water to flush out that indulgence and I decided to sit a bit with my book called “Catalog It!”  I hadn’t read far down one page when it hit me – the motivation for cataloging is so the information can be found.  The reason for an orderly home is so things can be found.

Now I qualify this, for anyone sitting out there thinking, “Oh my god!  She most have the books on her home shelves organized and her children have their toys arranged in some rigid order!”  Well, that’s where anyone who knows me and my little family is just rolling around on the floor, laughing their collective butts off.  Our house, and my desk in particular, is usually chaotic and messy.  Now that we have two kids, I’m more likely to be a bit of a bitch about keeping thing tidy (for me and Todd, not for the munchkins, although Bren is great when I ask him to clean up – even if his methods are to stuff everything in a box… I think he gets that trait from Todd).

But I realized that this is why it drives me nuts when “someone” keeps changing where things are placed, whether in the kitchen or the rest of the house.  When you’ve got the baby wailing because he is really hungry NOW, you don’t want to be searching for a bottle or baby spoon.  When Bren needs his art supplies to work on something or I want to wear a specific shirt on a specific day, I don’t want to be running around freaking out.

I won’t even start on Todd and his wallet.  I’ve threatened him with severe bodily harm based on recent events with that wallet.

It’s time to get him GPS tracking.

(and he’d better not get on Bren about the “Great Missing Nintendo” issue, because the nut did not fall far from the nut tree)

Aside from being able to find things, it’s just a great feeling when your home is clean and you can wander around it as a resident, rather than an inmate.  What I found so cool at this early time of the morning, was how my chosen area of study reflects so well on what I couldn’t articulate about needing tidiness at home.

(That sounds so “Frasier/Niles Crane” so let me explain something:  Todd and I are bad, bad, bad at keeping up on the house.  Don’t be fooled by my inner thoughts on this.  It’s only in recent years that we’ve been better and we seem to be finally learning the lessons our mothers attempted to teach us in earlier years.  Thanks Mom and Mum!)

A last thought…  Life has come full circle.  It makes me completely INSANE that Bren doesn’t keep his room clean or look after his toys.  Oh GREAT IRONY there!  Mum will attest:  I was the biggest slob as a child.  My little sister is a Virgo and she was typically the tidy one.  Not me.  I don’t think I could even put into words how bad I was.

Bren once again proves genetics working in action.

What I have come to learn as an adult is that my actions now are the best thing I can do for him in getting him to take better care of his things.  Yes, I can talk to him about how important it is to take care of his stuff, but honestly?  If we don’t model that for him with the rest of the house, how can we expect his small five-year old self to do it?

Ok… one more absolutely, completely final thought:  I love Murphy’s Oil Soap for hardwood floors.  It makes the house smell like home.  When the floors are cleaned with it, I feel like something has been made right.

Tummy is settling and my glass of water is almost gone.  I’m going to read a bit more before crawling back into bed.  Maybe I’ll sleep or maybe I’ll stay up and just let my day begin.  Aidan and I are having breakfast with Mum this morning.  Bren will sleep in, as will Todd.

Have a good Saturday,


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