Can I please go home now?

Even with running Bren around to theater camp this morning and the fact that it got me out of the house, I still feel like the day is dragging.  Can I please, please, please go home now?

So… on Friday afternoon I talked with one of the higher-ups here in our office and expressed my concern about the invitation list which has grown to over 350 people.  This doesn’t include the 66 faculty or the 6 deans being invited.  She told me then that she had complete faith that the development director knew what she was doing on the list.  Today it came up again and this time she got a bit stressed about it. 

This happens to be a perfect example of what drives me nuts about my job.  I feel like I’m talking in a vacuum sometimes.  I don’t bring these things up just to have them hang out there.  It reinforces how frustrated I am.  I say this, because I’ve mentioned my concerns about my job and I get similiar types of responses. 

Nobody will step up and say, “No.  You’re right… we need to look at this more closely.”

I came up with some ideas about what I should do.  I’ve been following the rules too long.  It’s time to step out of my comfort zone and start putting the word out that I’m looking and I’m flexible.  I can’t stay in this position.  I will turn into the biggest, most raging bitch you’ve ever heard on a rant. 

That’s all I’m going to say for now since I need to add yet more names to the damned long list. 

Yes.  That’s me swearing.  You should hear me in person right now.  It’s not pretty.



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