Just got my butt kicked

I’m trying some new workout dvd’s.  Yeah, I know.  Hope springs eternal…  I chose these because the odds of my getting out to go dancing any time soon are so low as to need a microscope to read them.  Between Todd’s schedule and the two munchkins, I’m pretty much house-bound on weekends.  That’s only going to get worse as we get into our school routine.  So I picked up these dvds specifically because they are dance-based.  I’m trying to get Bren to do them too, but he’s got a little, teeny attention span, so that’s probably futile.  Still, he’s prompting me to pull them out, so it’s worth it.

Anyway, I did the beginner routine yesterday but Aidan was not thrilled with my attention away from him.  This means I need to be doing the workout when he’s asleep.  That’s easier typed than done though.  I thought I’d get up early this morning, but he beat me to the punch.  Damn it.  So I was trying to do it this morning, but midget-butt kept getting under my feet.  It ended up more like an obstacle course than dancing.  Bren pooped out about 5 minutes into it.  He just finished his more kid-appropriate ABC’s Yoga, so we’re good there.

I should have done the beginner one again.  I tried “House Your Body”…  It’s one of the dvds in the “Rockin Body” series.  Ok.  I admit, the name is beyond corny, but I love dancing.  It’s the one thing that I would do every night if I could.  I’ll dance for hours where it’s a struggle to get my butt riled up about going to the gym.  My second favorite thing is swimming, but again, no option available for that.  We don’t have the money for a membership and getting to the pool is fine, but I have to keep the baby safe… that means no lap swimming for mummy.

Back to House Your Body, HYB.  Um yep.  I was all cocky this morning, even as Bren was trying to tell me that we should do two of the workouts and I was telling him no way.  I started ok.  But within 5 minutes I was pooping out with Brennan.  Those are big moves and our living room space is wayyyy too small.  So that goes on the wishlist too.  I kept going though, moving around the baby and once in a while knocking him on his diaper.  At the 15 minute mark I was almost completely toast and the baby was starting to get testy with me.  His technique, at that point, is to stand directly in front of me, looking up with raised arms, and he squawks.  Loudly.

I ended the dvd sitting on the couch, baby on my lap with his bottle of juice, doing shimmies and wiggles from the waist up.  Baby was giggling and I still managed to end up soaking wet with sweat.

Tomorrow morning I’m returning to the beginning 15 minute routine.  Holy smokes!  I’m a big wuss.  I’ll do the 15 minute quickie and I’ll add to it with my walk into work.  I figure that’s not bad for someone in such bad shape.

For the record, all of these fitness folks are pretty irritating with their “pep-talky” attitude and their trim little bodies.  Makes me want to smack them sometimes.  But Sean T, the guy on these videos is gorgeous (in that “I have no body fat” kind of way) and hmmm…  I think I see a bit of swish to him.  Now that’s dancing for you, but here’s the deal:  My favorite place to go dancing is the gay club here in town.  Let’s face it, gay men know how to dance.  And they mostly know how to dress really well too.  So here I am, in my own home, with my own little dance club thing going on.  It’s the best.  Sean T makes me smile and I love the names of the moves.  Yeah, it’s corny sometimes, but alot of the moves are firmly grounded in traditional dance (Bren and I really love the “Salsa and Chips” move!).  I’ve only been doing this for two days, but I can tell you that I’m feeling muscles I forgot about.

Maybe I’ll be back to doing cartwheels in a few months?  I sure hope so.  That was beyond pathetic.

I’m still hoping that Bren will do these routines with me.  Not because I’m worried about his exercise level, even though I am a bit.  No.  I want him to do them with me so he can learn a bit about rhythm and how fun dancing can be.

A final note.  Today is a no-tv day in our house.  We had it on for the exercise dvds, but that’s it.  This afternoon we’ll play some music – not too loud, so we don’t wake up dad.  I’ve done the dishes and fed all of us relatively healthy breakfasts.  Now it’s time to get the baby down for a nap, take my shower, set up Bren doing some crafts and put in a load or two (or three) of laundry.  It’s not a super busy day in our household, but it’s full.

Crap.  I have to remember to take the movies back too.  We had Friday night movies here and they need to be returned.  At least that will get us out of the house for a bit.

Ok.  Time to rock the baby to sleep.  He has the hiccups, so this might be slightly problematic.  At least I get to sit for a bit.  I think I “rocked my body” a little too hard this morning.  Who knew that your side muscles could get a bit pooped out?



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