Oh crap, one more thing

Ok, first, so I don’t lose any momentum with it, please (please, please, please) read my post called Perspective.  I’m gaining some.

I did want to make a brief update on the ultrasound yesterday.  I’m healing well from the surgery and it looks like my old friends, the Ovarian Cysts, have rejoined me.  Knowing that’s all it is, I can just move on and life will sputter along as always.  They can be unpleasant and miserable, but they aren’t life threatening.  I’ve decided to name the two on my left ovary, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, at least until they burst and disappear.

Aidan is much, much better and we are doing everything we can to fatten him up.  Ironic that I need to drop several pounds while simultaneously fattening up my baby.  So here’s the deal, I’ll prepare a plate for myself and give him half.  I eat less… he eats more.  Doesn’t that sound perfect?

No more scary high temps…  Yes, I’m still bitchy and irritated about work, but as you’ll note in the Perspective post, I’m going to try to get over myself.

Now I’m going to go play with the baby.  I swear his first word is going to be “cheese.”  How perfect is that?


and I’m gong to keep posting the donation link for Lisa…  http://clusterfook.com/donations/
look, I know not everyone can help, but if you can, even just a bit, please do…


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