99% sure that it’s Roseola

This is the good news that came after talking with the pediatrician again yesterday afternoon.  The cultures came up with nothing growing in them, so then it’s back to what could it be.  The doc is sure that it’s Roseola, which is not dangerous unless those high temps spike again and that can bring on convulsions.  His temps started up again later in the afternoon yesterday and we’re just managing them with Tylenol and Motrin.  They don’t seem to be spiking as high and he’s not eating very much, so he’s really tired.  The best news at this point is he’s sleeping.  He got about 9 hours last night and he’s still down now.  He had high spikes last night but now that the really scary stuff has been ruled out, we’re just managing them.

I’m really glad that we have some kind of idea now.  Those high, high temps are dangerous, but less so for the tiny guys than for us adults.  Still, it’s all about managing them and that means staying on top of it.  We have to be diligent about the fever reducers and keep the fluids pouring into him.  This I can handle.  Not knowing, that was the hard part.

Anyway, he’s still a very sick little guy, as well as really contagious, but we’re probably a day or two out from the end.  It’ll finish up with a rash on his torso, that could spread to neck, arms and possibly tops of legs.  We’re prepared.  Once we hit that, we’re at the finish line.  I can’t begin to express how glad I am that we aren’t facing something worse.  There have been moments over this last few days where I just wanted someone to figure it out.  That’s the hard thing with medicine…  yes, we’ve come a long way, but a lot of it is still a mystery.

We’ve stocked up on juice and we got him ice-cream to get some cold calories into him.  We’re tucked into the house with movies and things to keep us occupied.  Work on Monday is going to be hideous.  I lost two days last week and I just don’t care.  I was where I needed to be.  That’s all that matters.

One last thing… This is really common in children under 2 and they don’t have a vaccine for it.  It’s scary with those freakish high temps, but it’s usually not dangerous, so long as you keep them hydrated and manage the temps.  One of the key things about Aidan’s bout of it is that he had absolutely NO other symptoms.

Ok, that’s it for me.  I need to take my pills and start rehydrating myself.  Have a good weekend and stay healthy.  I never thought I’d say that I’m looking forward to my baby getting a rash!



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