today’s menu

Ok, so this is what I had today:

Protein shake (chocolate)
Big glass of water

Lunch – small chef’s salad with Thousand Island’s Dressing (bought on campus)

Protein water (strawberry banana south beach “Tide me over” tastes best with double the water, too sweet otherwise)

afternoon snack:  Pepperjack snack size cheese and 6 oz V8

Dinner:  Steamed broccoli and cauliflower
mixed non-fat cottage cheese with spices (Mrs Dash Table Blend) and grated cucumber – kind of a version of Tzatziki, only not a dip or sauce

Haven’t had dessert, thinking about having a sugar-free fudgsicle as a treat.

I’m going to hard-boil some eggs for tomorrow’s lunch and I’m going to prep my foods to take with me tonight so I don’t run into the problems I had this morning.

I drank a ton of fluids, mostly water, today.  I also ran back and forth to the bathroom.  So let’s hope that I’m going to hang in there for the next week and 1/2.  Then it eases up a bit.  I did walk briskly to work today and I was a sweaty mess when I got there.  I need to dress in walking clothes and then change when I get there…. ewww.

Wish me luck for tomorrow.  It’s hard to be creative when it’s so damn hot outside…



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