Two things, significant

First, my surgery count-down is now to one day.  I have the pre-op appointment with my doctor today and then tomorrow I go to the hospital.  I think I’ve finally found peace with my decision.  For some reason, now that I’m here, I feel ready.  I read up on the one procedure, Novasure, and the positive outcomes for many women has made me feel reinforced in my decision.  I need this.  I can’t go on the way it’s been since I had Aidan.

Second, July 3rd my honey and I will have been together for 11 years.  It hit me today that we’ve crossed some kind of major line in my mind.  11 years is a long time, particularly when you look at it from the modern perspective.  People don’t stick to much for 11 years or more now.  Life has become so “disposable,” with changing jobs and relationships.  We’ll have our 10th wedding anniversary in September.  We weren’t really young when we got married, but I look at the picture of us, the one I keep on my desk, and I am amazed at how young we looked.  I had no grays….  Neither one of us had any idea how crazy and wonderful our life together would be.  We have two great kids and we’ve stuck together through bad times and great times. 

I can only imagine what the future is going to hold for us in the next 10, 20, 30 years.

And that’s a thought, isn’t it?

I also realized this morning that things could have been different.  We might not have met….  Then again, I kind of feel like we were meant to be.   I can’t imagine life without him.  I don’t want to.


Just got back from my pre-op appointment.  I feel good.  It’s time. 

It’s time to move on.  It’s a new phase of life. 



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