My back is killing me and other Saturday morning thoughts

My back isn’t happy today.  That’s lovely, considering I need to do housework and mow the lawn.  I also managed to twist my ankle last night, but so far it only hurts when I turn my foot one direction.  Yeah… what a great start to the weekend.  I spent so much of yesterday looking forward to the weekend that I almost wish I could go back to that last hour when Saturday and Sunday were stretching ahead of me, with tons of possibility.

Instead, I’m sitting here with the aches that happen when you don’t take care of yourself (or the aches that result in wearing shoes that don’t work well for you)…

I went to bed at a reasonable time last night, but ended up being woken up at various points in the evening.  One of the wakings was for a good cause though – Todd & Bren went to see Stomp last night and had a great time.  That’s the fulfillment of a years long dream to get Bren to see it.  Todd & I saw it back when Bren was about 18 – 24 months old (too young to sit still for a big production) and we knew then that he’d think it was amazing.

Todd told me that Bren was dancing and clapping and stomping his feet.  Success, in my book.

I did manage to sleep in until about 6am.  I suppose this is a miracle for a number of reasons…  not the least of which is the sound of the freight train next to me.  Someone really needs anti-snoring strips.  Or a good allergy medication.  Good grief!

To be honest, that’s it…  that’s all I’ve got right now and I know it isn’t much.  I’ve got some major testiness brewing and it’s one of those situations where I can’t do much about it.  As is usually the case, I’ll do housework and see if I can’t wear it off.  Sleep helped, but only so much.  Luckily, the week has exhausted me so much that I didn’t lie in bed running through it over and over in my head.  At least, not too many times.

I’d start working on things now but I don’t want to wake up the baby just yet.  A little peace and quiet on my own is needed.  The busy day really should start a little later, as once it gets going it’ll be a straight shot through to bed time.

Wish me luck in not turning into a complete bitch today.  It’s going to be my challenge.

grumpy and sore,


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