off we go and a birthday wish for my youngest

My youngest turned a year old on May 3rd. His first year has been stressful and chaotic, so here’s my birthday wish for him (a bit belated)…

I hope you have a lovely second year, filled with all of us who love you. I hope you keep growing big and strong, with that sweet smile and great sense of humor. I’ll help you learn how to kick a ball, how to walk a few steps and how to tickle your big brother. I promise that your daddy and I will take good care of you and love you, and the same goes for your grandparents – even Brennan Rory, although he might be a bit rough sometimes.

Happy start to your second year sweet baby boy.

And off we go, traveling to see my family. I’m excited, even as I sit here, exhausted and hot from packing in a non-air conditioned house (it is being installed Wednesday!)… Tomorrow will come fast enough. We don’t get to see my nana and I wonder if I’ll ever see her again, but we will see my Uncle – the one Aidan Gene is carrying on tradition with (it traces from Alger Eugene to Ross Gene to my sweet baby).

We’ll see my little cousin and I’m curious to see how Bren and Tess get along. Oooh, two of them… It should be interesting.

Well that’s it really. My boys are all asleep and now I’m headed there too. Time for rest.

Cheers and happy travels to those who are on the move,


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