A fantastic post about aging and a little sad news


Oh please, please, please!  Check out this man’s blog!  I am adding him to my blogroll because I truly love his wry humor and fun turn of phrase.  And his bits about Carnival Cruiselines kind of tickles me as I have their rewards card and I’m hoping to save up enough points to take me and my mum on a cruise before we’re too old to enjoy it.

So.  I am sad.  My world is going to lose some color in June.  My dear, dear huggy friend is moving to North Carolina.  Even worse?  She’s moving there just as my little sister is moving away (first research in Japan and then permanent resettling back in Canada).  Life is unfair.  I know it’s only for a few years, but that’s approximately a few years minus a few weeks too long.  It’s for the best, enabling her family to be together and offering a great school for her girls. 

I want to cry but I’m holding back.  I’m afraid if I start crying about it, I won’t stop so I can be “supportive” and “cheery” for her.

Instead, I keep thinking about how I’ll need to be creative in order to find ways to visit, that we’ll spend lots of time on the ‘net, and how we’ll have to be better about taking pictures so we can send them to our friends.  But there’s one other sad bit to this…  Her girls are my son’s best little buddies.  Valerie (her oldest) is my oldest son’s favorite girl, and this is saying something as he seems to be going into the “boys only” phase.  Even though they are both starting to grow out of the little kid friendship that started two years ago (omg, how time zooms past), there is a special bond there.  And he has chosen to extend it to “Bug”, the littler girl, too.

I know he’ll be moving on with kindergarten this fall and it will all fade, but I can’t imagine what it will be like when he says goodbye next month.  And here I go, finally, those tears are falling.

We’ve only been friends for two years (as of the end of July – what a significant month that always seems to be for me).  It feels like I’ve known her forever.  We bicker.  We don’t always agree.  We sympathize.  We cry on each other’s shoulders and we laugh at our own follies.  She has been here, with me, through some major life-changing times, offering advice, love and support.

And I know it isn’t forever.  I know that I will be horribly swamped with work, school and family this fall.  My degree will take me through the couple years that she is away.  We’ll do our best to travel to see them and I know they’ll be back here for visits too.

But we won’t be able to drop over for barbecue and spontaneous kids sleep-overs.  We won’t be sitting together, sewing something, watching a movie, or just bitching about life/men/kids in general. 

I’m happy for their family.  I know it will be the best thing. 

But I think I’ll let myself be sad.  It’s ok.

It’s not forever.

Soggy cheers from the land of chaos,


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