Yet another insomnia blog

The last of this nasty cold/sinus crud thing has me up early.  Well, actually it was the baby first then the cold.  Truly I’m feeling better, but for some reason I’m still having issues at night.  Now I’m up, checking emails, drinking water with some lemon and I decided to blog.

We took Bren to the oral surgeon yesterday.  Little dude is going in on April 18th to have three teeth pulled – his two front top baby teeth and the “funky” tooth hidden up inside his gumline.  We told him the tooth fairy will be really excited to get that special tooth and she’ll have something cool for him.  But the fact is, he’s very scared.  He hates going to doctors anyway and he got very quiet at the doctor’s office (which is NOT Bren’s normal SOP).

We’re going to stock up on things that will comfort him and then he’ll be taking his Transformers blanket and Blue Bug with him.  For those who haven’t seen it, Blue Bug is Bren’s ultimate buddy… a strangely-shaped bug-like stuffed toy… that is blue.  Hence the oh-so-original name: Blue Bug.  Blue bug has a patch and another section stitched up by Bren’s best girl-buddy, Valerie.  And it is a tragedy if “we” don’t have Blue Bug with us.

After Todd took the kids out to the van, I spoke to the staff at the office and explained about the drama and how scared he is.  They’re going to set things up so Bren gets a tiny bit of nitrus, just enough to calm him a bit.  Poor guy.  We’re trying to emphasize the positives, but he’s too cagey for that and it’s mostly just keeping him calm at this point.  Luckily for us, the OMS has three boys around Bren’s age.  In the appointment he told us that and said, “So you know what that means.”  I said, “You’re really tired?”

It was actually really reassuring that he’s a dad to young children.  He knows about the issues and the worries.

On the issue of the “funky” tooth – It’s impacting the alignment of one of his front adult teeth.  It’s a good thing we’re dealing with this now.  We could very well be heading off the need for braces when Bren is older.

As for the rest of us?  Well, I’m still recovering from this nasty bug and I’m struggling to keep up with both work and home.  I think about adding graduate school to that mix and truly wonder how I’ll do it all.  Luckily, Todd will be taking a lighter load in the fall (and hopefully next spring too).  Todd is buried with school right now and I think burn-out is settling in.  It’s much easier to just work and come home.  School is 24/7, as many of us know.  Work is easy in comparison.  I’m not being simplistic about it.  I’ve been there and I know…

Aidan is fighting this bug, but much lighter version of what I’ve had.  I hope he’s able to beat it as it is a major misery.  He is a funny child.  He can go from laughing to pissed off in an amazing flash.  For such a little (age-wise, not size-wise) guy, he definitely has his opinions and isn’t afraid to share them.  He is growing out of everything – not a surprise – and I’m fairly certain he’s going to be bigger than his brother.  He was mistaken for a little girl yesterday… I think it’s time for a haircut.  He’s got this beautiful soft strawberry blonde hair and it curls just a bit.  After seeing how much Bren changed as he lost his baby fat (what very little he had…), I can’t imagine what he’ll look like when he’s bigger.  I know I’ll look back on it and see it, but right now I just see sweet baby-face.

Danny has recovered from his illness and his coat is now much better.  He is definitely happier here at this house and I think we all echo that sentiment.

Speaking of house.  The people who live next to us are really nice and it turns out that I know the husband from years ago.  Very small world.  This place feels so naturally home-like and I’m getting to love the neighborhood.  A couple days ago the sun was out and one neighbor, kitty-corner from us, was out in her yard playing her fiddle.  We had the door open, letting in some much needed fresh air, and we could hear the music.  She had a husky puppy with her and the neighborhood children stopped to say hello on their way home from the elementary school that’s just a few blocks away.  It was that moment when I knew that this is it for me.  This is the kind of neighborhood I want to raise my boys in.  I want to KNOW my neighbors…  I want to watch all our children grow up here and actually be a part of the neighborhood, not just exist in it.

For now we’ll be renters.  It works better with our budget and the simple fact is that we need to be extremely careful with our finances.  I just hope our landlord, the house’s owner, can wait for us.  We’re month-to-month now, since our dinky little 5-month lease just finished up.  This means flexibility if something happens, but it also means that there are no guarantees.  We’ll have to go on faith that everything will work out as it should.  In the meantime, I planted a garden out in the front and I’ll work on the side garden this weekend.  I’ll paint the front door (freshening up the red) on Saturday and we’ll continue sorting through stuff.  We might even need to mow…

We’re treating it like our true home.  Unless our LL Max says otherwise, it will be… someday in the next couple years.

Well, I suppose I should go crawl into bed.  I want to cuddle the baby before it’s time to get up.  He sleeps in his own crib each night and only joins us when he wakes up in the early hours.

I’m truly blessed.



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