Feeling better, but still sluggish

The baby is fighting this crud and he seems to be doing better than I did.  I had it HARD for a full week and I’m still battling the last remnants of it.  The most difficult part of being sick now is being sick and being a parent.  I never realized how much easier it is to be sick when you’re childless…  Yes, my husband still interacted with me but at least he could get his own food and clothing together!

I’m fortunate this time that my husband and oldest didn’t come down with it at the same time as me.  I see that as a huge blessing.  I was able to send Todd off to the store when my cold was driving me to an obnoxious craving….  Apparently this particular virus really likes Campbell’s tomato soup with grated cheddar and Ritz crackers.

Which leads me to my next topic:  Being sick on and off for the last two months has helped jack my weight up nice and high.  So I walked to work this morning.  It’s a small thing, when taken in the context of life overall these days, but it’s something.  It was a bit chilly, but I was mostly warm by the time I got into my building.  My thighs were ice cold, something that is still puzzling to me since those are some big muscles and I was hitting a fairly good pace.

There was no ice, no snow to deal with, leaving me with a relatively nice morning.  It would have been greatly improved if I’d had more than four hours of sleep last night.  I was bad, bad, bad.  I stayed up reading a David Baldacci book, “Simple Genius,” until 11pm.  Then the baby woke up crying at 3am and I tried to let him settle back down on his own.  Sadly, he was a bit wet and refused to go back to sleep – not a bad thing, considering he needed his diaper to be changed.

So it was bottle and cuddling, but I had a stomach ache so no amount of warm, sweet baby was going to settle me back to sleep.  I finally checked my clock and it was after 5am.  I dragged my butt out of bed and took a hot bath, all the while running a quiet dialog about how cruddy I will feel by noon.

I’m wondering if this is my “mommy penance” for staying up too late reading.  I normally crash about 9pm, which would have allowed me almost 6 hours of sleep if I’d been good enough to follow my routine.

I’m still weighing that extra two hours sleep against that really good book. 

Hmm.  Right now it was worth it.  When I fade at noon and am facing the remainder of my day, plus swimming lesson night… then we’ll see if it was still worth the lost two hours.

But now it’s time to get back to organizing my desk and drinking my cup of double-bergamot Earl Grey tea.  I added a touch of honey and it sounds particularly lovely this morning.

Cheers on a Tuesday morning.  Stay healthy…


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