Getting ready for school

Brennan is registered for kindergarten, but we’re submitting the paperwork for him to be assessed as gifted.  We knew this day was coming, perhaps as long as when he was 18 months and able to turn on my laptop and log on to the internet.  He’s bright and cheery, but often our drama “king.”  Still, it’s one of those situations where you suspect your child is different but are just a bit reserved about fully believing it.

That was us, until we went to kindergarten registration.  I didn’t realize that it isn’t common for children to come to kindergarten reading.  I didn’t realize a lot of things…. that his rudimentary printing is a plus or that he is really as articulate as he is.  If that makes sense?

We just take him as he is and sometimes shake our heads over it.  He started sounding out words last summer and has taken off with it.  He is intensely curious and driven about things, even to the point of driving us crazy.

But along with all of this is our need to ensure that he gets what he needs – whether emotionally or socially, not just intellectually.  I have actually said to him (perhaps more than once), “You know better, you’re smart enough!”  Ooops.

All of our family members have been concerned for him – worried that he would end up bored in school.  This would spell huge trouble for him as he is notorious for getting into bad things/habits when he is bored.

Sorry for the book… It’s just that this has been a big topic in our household.  Not only is he a challenge due to his sensitivity, but he’s a challenge because he is absolutely exhausting.  I love my son dearly and I just want to ensure that we do our best to have a happy, healthy child.

Isn’t that all we ever want?

And in the meantime, his dad is getting ready to enroll for fall and I’m facing my enrollment for my program.  Time is marching along, with all of these different areas pulling at us, demanding our time.  Some days I wonder if we’ll survive it with our sanity in tact.

Some days I’m sure we won’t.

For those that have been wondering, we’ve been out of it – working hard to hang in there and get things done.  Laundry often suffers and our home is a mess, cluttered with the last few boxes that need to be stored.  I often wonder if we’ll ever be a normally functioning home.  Then I look at the boys and I think, “some day…”

For all those parents out there with special needs kids – you have my admiration.  Parenting is tough work, no matter what.  When your child is just a bit different, well… you have to fight a little bit extra, don’t you?

And for those who have kids, period?  Hang in there… some day they’ll be grown-ups driving us nuts!!

It’s all worth it – I promise.



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