A little post for a busy day

I have to be honest, today is one of those days where I’d love to retreat to home and crawl back in bed.  We had dinner out last night, because it was another busy swimming lesson evening.  I had eggs.  I subsequently had fun in the middle of the night with what appeared to be a mild case of food-poisoning. 

I’m tired and ever so slightly irritable.  So is my boss.

It’s making for an interesting day.

Ok, really I don’t have anything witty and wise (ha!) to say.  My contacts feel dry.  My head is slightly achy.  Bed sounds better by the minute.

I did look at the pretty silver hairs growing longer on my head this morning and wonder what they’ll look like when they are woven all the way through my hair.  I think I might look really interesting with salt and pepper hair, so I was trying to imagine them, full length and shiny.  I suppose I feel fortunate that they are bright and shiny.  My grandmother’s red hair went a dull-whitish blonde, very faded, and I always thought it was a shame to see her hair so diminished in fire.

By contrast, my dull brown hair, darker now as I’ve aged, is gaining the highlights of sterling.  Maybe it will offset my baby face.

This is all I’ve got.  A good night’s sleep is likely to refresh me.  I’m hopeful that tomorrow I’ll have more exciting things to report. 

Cheers on the 1/2 way mark for the week,


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