Stupid time change

Bren was almost non-functioning this morning and I’m not far behind him.  I’m an early riser, thanks mostly to the baby.  But this is nuts.

I love the spring, but the transition is tough… icy, cold mornings and warm afternoons.  Hard to dress myself for it, let alone the children.  Then there is the difficulty with wanting to be outside, instead of trapped in with the stale indoor air. 

It’s going to be difficult to make it to the next weekend.  I’m trying to stay focused at work but between sick child affecting sleep last week and the time change this week, I’m fighting it in a big way.  My eyes are dry and gritty.  My blood feels sluggish.  Even a soy-chai hasn’t boosted my energy levels.

Ok.  Time to get back to work.  I may be slow, but I AM getting things done. 

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll have something more interesting to report.  Signing off from the land of sleep and grogginess….



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