A forgotten time change

Woke up this morning because I could hear the baby fussing, then staggered into the kitchen…. it was just a little after 6…

Did some cleaning, got dishes organized, heated up the bottle and came in to check emails.  I looked at the computer time and realized that the time change had happened.  Whoa.  I forgot.  So does this mean I actually got to sleep in?


But for a brief moment I didn’t feel quite so tired. 

This means I need to get the clocks reset and try not to feel exhausted all day.  Good luck with that one!  I have a five year-old who is cranky from not enough sleep on Friday night and a baby with a severe sinus crud/cold.  I have a messy house and I feel like I’m about 5 hours shy on my sleep.

It’s not feeling like the greatest of days and it’s only barely started.

I suppose I should finish up my meandering on the computer and go check Aidan.  I keep hoping some of my energy will come back so I can get the things done that MUST be done.

Mess and disorder are exhausting.  But then, so are children.  I sense a pattern here!



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