A little something for Thursday

I have been slacking in so many areas that it’s bordering on insanity.  Yes, I know I’ve been dealing with illness (both for myself and my kids), but still it seems that I could get off my ass and get things done.

So I called my dear, dear huggy-friend and arranged for us to meet at lunch today.  It’ll be me, her and her almost 3-year old daughter.  Fun!  We’re both committed to eating salads for lunch and enjoying our visit.  She says she has 40 lbs to lose.  I have 30-35, depending on the day.  So by my reckoning, we are at the same place in life right now.  I’m hoping we can use that need that we share and make some headway in the battle against the scale.

It’s not even about the weight at this point.  It’s about fitting into my “regular” pre-pregnancy clothes like I should.  It’s about NOT needing to buy more clothes, in a bigger size, because I will get my body back. 

In that light, I’m wearing my pedometer starting today.  It’ll be my newest accessory – goes with every outfit and will be with me daily as I try for my goals.  I’m targeting 10,000 steps per day.  Whoa!  That sounds like a lot, but actually it’s not.  I should be getting that and actually should be trying for more.

I’ll start with this and then I’ll track it in a spreadsheet and start calculating my weekly average.  I’m going to do this with the idea that I’ll add steps as I get into the swing of it. 

In the fall there is a walking 1/2 marathon that I’ve wanted to do for years.  It’s my goal.  I already know that within a couple weeks I can be up to 7-8 miles per day no problem, if I take the time.  I’d love to be doing 10 miles twice a week and then get up to 12-15 at least once per week later this Spring. 

The trouble, as with all things, is getting the time.  I can do 7-8 miles in about 1.5 hours.  This means I’d need about 4 hours to really push myself.

When am I going to find that kind of time?


I’ll find a way. 

For now though, I’m going for a regular 10,000 steps per day.  And on that note, I’m going to go walk the stairs for a break.

(and I promise to be good at lunch)


2 thoughts on “A little something for Thursday

  1. Welcome!! And yes! I’ll add you to my blogroll…. I wish I could say I run, but actually I’m more of a walker (due to bad knees). I used to be a long distance runner but time has caused me to slow down.

    Anything we can do to support our fellow bloggers is A-ok by me!


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